1948 The story begins with Mathieu and Guillaume’s grandfather, Honoré, when he started to work as a baker in Mouans sartoux (south of France).
1966 At the age of 14, Honoré’s eldest son, Jean-Pierre, joins him at the bakery where he learns all the best kept secrets of his father, ready to pass them on in turn to his sons.
2002 By then, Jean-Pierre owns 5 bakeries in Vallauris and Antibes (south of France) and his own son, Guillaume, aged 16 years perpetuates family tradition by joining him.
2009 On completing his studies, Jean-Pierre’s eldest son Mathieu – the business head of the family – spends 3 years living in Notting Hill, London, to increase his knowledge and his passion for business & bakery. Returning to France, he buys and sets up the 6th and main bakery in Juan Les Pins, Southern France, and so is born Aux Pains de Papy.
2013 And so, the story of Aux Pains de Papy in London has arrived.