Enjoy A Delivery Of Fresh Bread Near Kings Cross, London

Love the scent and taste of freshly baked bread?

If you fancy trying our mouth-watering French pastries and breads, you can either visit our cafe or book a delivery. We have a number of different types of bread available, including traditional white French baguettes.

Probably the most famous of all French breads, in May of 2021 France even submitted baguettes to have UNESCO heritage status. It’s not known exactly when this type of bread first appeared. However, long stick-like bread started to appear in the 18th century. Today, it’s considered to be a symbol of French culture.

We also have Viennoise Loaves which are halfway in between bread and brioche, yet with the sugar or butter.

We offer free local deliveries for all orders over £15.00.

If you’re based near Kings Cross station, we can deliver our delectable French pastries, breads and cakes to your home or office. You can find more information on our deliveries on our website.

We have talented bakers who love producing handmade goods. Come along to our bakery and you’ll enjoy a family atmosphere, with the full sensory experience. It’s a great place to share and explore our baker’s work.

For more about our fresh bread deliveries in London, simply contact our team today.