Enjoy The Finest Fresh Croissants Near King’s Cross

Nothing is more comforting than eating a warm croissant in the morning. Surprisingly, it’s believed croissants originated in 13th century Austria, but it wasn’t long before they became most associated with France. So much so, it’s been described as having ‘taken root’ in its adopted land.

Croissants are now one of the most famous symbols of French cuisine and culture.

However, with our friendly cafe, you can enjoy these buttery and flaky French delicacies right here in London!

Whether you’re looking to order fresh croissants at work or wish to visit our cafe in London, Aux Pains de Papy has the most delectable pastries.

Our fresh croissants are fantastic at any time of day. We have both savoury and sweet options available, including croissant au beurre, ham and cheese croissants, and pain aux raisins or chocolate.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we delivered hundreds of our fresh croissants to staff at the local hospital. They’re wonderful for sharing in the home or office.

We offer a free delivery service for anybody in the local area. If you’re planning on visiting our restaurant, we do everything possible to keep our customers safe.

If you’re looking to buy fresh croissants near King’s Cross, why not check out our menu today? Or don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.