Traditional Handmade Treats At A French Pastry Shop

Although the French are now the most famous for their pastries, they were actually invented by the Egyptians and developed in the Middle East.

They gained popularity during the medieval age and the French perfected the art of pastry making in the 1600s. It was in the latter half of this century when cafe culture started to take off! From fluffy meringues and tarts to mouth-watering cakes, France is famous for their cuisine for a good reason.

Nowadays, there are many French pastry shops to choose from in London, so why choose Aux Pains de Papy this summer?

If you’re looking for a French pastry shop near King’s Cross, you’ll love Aux Pains de Papy. We produce a gorgeous collection of freshly baked goods.

All our products come from the enchanting province of Southern France. Since they’re baked straight on site, you'll enjoy delicious scents as you enter. Our French pastries can also be delivered throughout the local area, making them ideal for special occasions.

With our French pastry shop, you can enjoy a taste of Paris right here in London. All our pastries, cakes and savoury goods look as good as they taste.

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