Want A Free Delivery From A French Patisserie In London?

Whether you need French pastries delivered to your door, or wish to visit our bakery in London, Aux Pains de Papy is committed to providing the finest baked goods at competitive prices.

We provide products from the enchanting Provence in southern France which are baked and prepared using the most traditional methods. You can watch this happening if you visit our bakery which provides the ‘see, smell, taste’ experience.

From hearty chicken club sandwiches to sweet treats for sharing with friends and family, you’ll find a wonderful menu on our website. We have a tasty selection of savoury products and tantalising pastries and cakes.

Receive a delivery of a talented baker’s work in London.

If you live within 15 miles of our bakery near Kings Cross, we can offer a free delivery to your home or office.

Among our range is this collection of the best Aux pains de papy breakfast, which is currently reduced to £19.95. It contains two of our buttery croissants and two pain de chocolat with added chocolate sticks.

You’ll also receive a cinnamon swirl and a croissant aux amandes which is filled with delicious almond cream, topped with crunchy almonds. Also included is a fresh juice bottle with a variety of flavours to choose from: Strawberry, Apple and Banana; Orange, Mango and Passion Fruit; and Beetroot, Apple and Ginger.

If you're searching for French patisseries offering deliveries in London, find out more about our bakery today.